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Our hair pieces are hand dyed, so there is a lot of customization and personal touch that goes into these wigs. Many, if not most, of our pieces tend to have stains on the inside. That is unavoidable when everything is dyed by hand, rather than factory made. It is a standard in wig industry, especially if colors are sophisticated, such as balayage, melted roots–those cannot be achieve by machine and requires professional colorist’s services.However, these stains aren’t visible when the hair is worn, as they are in the areas which are completely covered with hair. Once again, this is normal and doesn’t have any impact on the final look of the wig.


Luxury on a budget

Our Brazilian Raw Hair is guarantee  last more than 3 years usage and can be dyed 

The Luxury on a budget is the highest quality 100% Brazilian Raw Hair (unprocessed) no chemicals, no mixed blends, no fibre, no animal hair is used to construct our bundles.  Each Individual piece comes from one donor. Our hair is hand-selected and inspected by two quality control teams to ensure cuticles are intact and wefts superiorly strong. It's silkier, softer, thicker, last longer and overall it's BETTER than the average bundle sold on the market. from one donor


We advise when purchasing 

Lengths 14”-16” 2 bundles or more is recommended.

Lengths 18”-26” 3 bundles or more is recommended 

Lengths 28-32” 3 bundles or more is recommended

Before you purchase make sure to check the size measurements of the wig in-stock. The measurements can vary depending on the wig available. Exact measurements of a particular wig in-stock are indicated in the description under “THIS WIG’S CONSTRUCTION” – “Measurements”. Elasticity of the cap is indicated by the dash (“THIS WIG’S CONSTRUCTION” – “Measurements”). The second number after dash shows the maximum stretch of the cap. SIZE GUIDE FOR IN-STOCK ALERTS: Measure your head’s front to nape and choose the size you’d be interested to be notified about: measure2 Size Guide Ultra Small Front to Nape is up to 13″ Small Front to Nape is between 13.25″ and 13.75″ Medium Front to Nape is between 14″ and 14.75″ Large Front to Nape is from 15″